One is fortunate if, in their lifetime, they master a craft. But what do you say to a person who has mastered the craft of ensuring others become great?


I know a man who, for a lifetime, has realized and activated the potential – the best ever – in nearly every person he’s met.  That’s not an exaggeration.  He’s mentored thousands, changed the course of businesses, and enhanced (in some cases saved) lives.


My business partner (and likely good friend for many of you), Steve Vannoy, is that person. And today, he’s hanging up that facilitator necktie he never seemed to be able to get in a knot.


The most effective leaders never stop creating change. “Retirement” is only a signal that they’re no longer under contract. Great leaders are often great people; Steve will never retire from making a difference.


We’re grateful for you, partner. Thank you for equipping us with the tools to realize and activate the potential in ourselves – and now others. Thank you for having a vision…and the courage to go for it.


Your legacy grows each time we pause and choose to act from our values, when we wouldn’t have otherwise. Your wisdom is reflected when we opt to be inspired instead of a victim to the circumstances. Your joy and love for humanity is heard each time we’re reminded to sing our song.


Thank you, Steve. From hundreds of thousands of voices, including a chorus of children around the world, thank you.


Steve Vannoy

Steve Vannoy


Have The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children, Stomp the Elephant in the Office or Degrees of Strength made a significant difference in your life and work? Steve’s legacy is in every person whose life is stronger and richer because they believe “people want to be great” and live from Degrees of Strength. If you’re inspired to, please share how these books and Degrees of Strength have impacted you and your life in the comments below.



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