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“I’m taking more risks.”


Those were the leader’s first words to me. And when inspired leaders say something profound, and I believe they are speaking on behalf of many of us, I simply record the words and share. This is one of those cases.


“I’ve made a commitment to my team,” he said. “I will set a different paradigm for how to lead. I’m not going to diminish my leadership. I’m not going to dial it down. I won’t allow others to dial it down. I’ve been given gifts and tools – and I’m going to us them without apology.


“Before, I’d wait for the evidence to prove it was time for me to step forward. But, I fundamentally believe leadership happens when we don’t wait for such evidence. So I’m stepping forward.


“I must seize the moment I have now. I’m determined to be successful at whatever I touch.


“And I’ll equip others to be the same.”


How will you reveal your heart this week?

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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