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A fascinating and talented leader (let’s call him Neil) asked me that question. Then, he provided the evidence that, in fact, bonuses do not increase engagement.


During a period when the organization hadn’t paid any bonuses (for the first time ever), they completed an engagement survey. Bob reported, “Many people said, ‘I’m not surprised by the poor results…we haven’t paid bonuses. Next year we’ll pay a big bonus…and the engagement scores will soar.’


“Guess what?” he asked. “The next year we paid the biggest bonus in many years. And the engagement score hardly moved at all. Which goes to prove: You can’t fix an intangible problem with a tangible solution.”


Leaders who are Accelerators get the difference between tangible solutions – and the intangible.


Neil explains: “It happens all the time: People complain, ‘They don’t communicate with us!’ Yet, these same people get hundreds of emails a day, e bulletins from every department, and are invited to more meetings than they can attend.


“What people are really saying is, ‘We’re not included.’ They’re asking for the intangible solutions. But what most companies are doing to increase engagement is responding with tangible solutions. Intangible and tangible solutions are two different things.”


In your company’s pursuit of increasing engagement amongst employees, what are the intangible solutions employees are asking for? The inspired leaders on your team are ready with answers.


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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