The reason ‘fake news’ bothers so many of us is because we don’t have fake hearts. Our hearts provide the mechanics for:

  • emotional courage,
  • to be open to new ideas,
  • to be transparent and honest about our thoughts with others.

When we’re told news that’s not true, our instincts may be to:

  • operate from fear,
  • discriminate more,
  • share less.

If we give-in to those instincts, we quit believing in other people. And when we quit believing in other people, we stop believing in ourselves.
Waiting for evidence that people are good, means we’re waiting to believe. And waiting to believe creates a calloused heart.

In a swirl of fakeness, be the evidence others need to believe that people are good. Then we’ll see more real news.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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