Does your team have the “all-in” skill? Do they speak up and tell the truth – or do they play the “half-way” game, as in “I’m going to sort of tell you the truth – and then leave it to you to do what you will with it.”


I’m just sayin.


“I’m just sayin’” has become the popular phrase for forfeiting accountability. Translated, it means: “I care…but not enough to take any responsibility in moving the issue forward.” It signals to others that we’re afraid of how they might react – and that we lack the ability to communicate in a direct manner that builds people, partnerships and performance.


I’m just sayin’…is sayin’ more than people know.


We need leaders who are willing to be wrong. (It’s a step towards being right.) We need leaders who know that what they say doesn’t define them as a person – so they have the courage to tell the whole truth.


What whole truth will you communicate today, and how will you say it so others know you’re “all in”?


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