It’s strange, isn’t it: For generations corporations have required their employees to participate in the annual performance review process. But rarely does the team—together—conduct a review of its collective performance.

That’s a huge miss. While leadership and individual contributions matter, only teams deliver. What’s more, by having the team assess progress in a specific way, it can accelerate the shift from the “me” to a “we” mindset.

Psychologist Barbara Fredrickson and other positive psychology researchers have evidence that shows that when we elevate the focus on:

  • what’s working,
  • what I appreciate,
  • what I value,

then human perceptions are altered and positive emotions flow. And because emotions determine where any of us focus, with little effort, we feel better—together. Which means that as a team we’re more likely to do better.

Here’s a challenge: Have your team conduct a mini-performance review together. As you round out the calendar year, schedule 30 minutes with the team to answer these three questions to enable a greater shift from me to we:

  1. What do you value most about our team?
  2. What are you grateful for as it relates to how the team achieved what it did this year?
  3. What gives you confidence in the work the team will advance in 2018?
Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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