Never in the history of man has it been this easy to get better. With the click of the keyboard, any screen downloads limitless tools, advise, resources and motivation, all designed to make us better.


And yet, too much of a good thing slows many down. One reason: information addiction. Because it’s so easy to get our hands on an infinite supply, we can now rationalize endless hours of research, of quenching our curiosity, of planning – without doing anything about what we meant to do something about in the first place.


This year make getting better easy.


Here’s how: Get better at being yourself. Do less thinking about how to “do,” and more doing. What happens to the potential in the year ahead when we:

– Listen more.

– Ask greater questions.

– Forgive ourselves quicker.

– Forgive others faster.

– Express ourselves sooner.

– And lean forward even more?


What would you add to your list?


This could be the best year ever.


Often the question isn’t how do we get better. The more important question to answer: What will we do in those moments when we discover we can be­an even greater expression of who we are?


This could be the year of you.


Share more about how you’ll be an ever greater expression of you this year below.




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