What evidence do you have that you’re taking the right action?


Everyone has good intentions. Most organizations claim, “Our people are our greatest asset.” Yet, what investments do they make to leverage their competitive strategic advantage?


Here’s the elephant in the office: No one gets married and then says, “I’m going to let this marriage fall apart.” Still, few couples use effective tools and build into their weekly routine actions that ensure their marriage thrives. The same thing happens in the workplace: Everyone has the intentions of building trust, but few take deliberate, weekly actions to ensure they’re getting stronger.


The results don’t lie: The “best of intentions” approach doesn’t work.




Most subscribers to this blog are using a systemic, tool-based approach that consistently builds individuals, teams and results. The culture of engagement (created by this approach) pays dividends.


When you say “Quality is a priority” youâ’re not just talking about what is delivered to your customers. You take it a step further than your competitors and make the quality of your leadership and culture a CONSISTENT priority as well.


Because you experience it every day, you probably don’t need more proof that you’re doing the right thing. So here’s more evidence you can share with the nay-sayers who claim the “soft stuff” doesn’t matter: A recent Towers-Perrin global survey (page 4), with over 40 companies participating, revealed those organizations with the highest percentage of engaged employees increased their operating income by 19% and their profit per share by 28% year to year. Those companies with a disengaged workforce? They saw a 33% decline in operating income and a drop of 11% in earnings per share.


You’re rare: You have good intentions AND you lead with an action plan to deliver on those intentions. You’re taking the right action.


Where will you lead – where will you stomp elephants – today?

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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