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The #1 Priority…

…is to ensure you set your priorities. Read More…


Something You Should Know About Me

I’m the guy they feel sorry for because I “travel too much.”

I’m the women they whispered “stayed at the office too long, and missed her son’s school play.”

I’m the colleague who “will have regrets” on that mythical death bed. Read More…


Is it Your Darn Boss – or You?

There are a lot of bad bosses. And there are a lot of good ones, too. How do you know which you work for? Read More…


Why Did You Do It?

Better yet, why will you do it?
Why are you working? Why are you getting up each day, going through the same routine, and spending time away from loved one? Read More…


The Boss Who’s Afraid of You

He’s afraid to ask about your family. And scared to ask what you care about. You frighten him because you’re inspired, you’re real. If he gets to know you as a person, he won’t be able to make the tough decision. Read More…


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Activate Your Greatness.

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