A friend sent this: “The only thing we have to give that is new is the growing edge of our lives. Everything else is old.”

What are you giving others? And are the people in your workplace bringing a fresh and new version of themselves each day? Or is it a bit like the summer TV season: full of re-runs?

Here’s the elephant in the office: Daily workplaces are exposed to the “business as usual” scourge: people coming to work and thinking they already know everything – especially other people and their ideas.

Have you ever caught the contagion? Its symptoms include focusing on what we don’t like about people and things, arrogant and defensive attitudes, conversations about what’s not working, and the folly of trying to outsmart problems. When you model these behaviors you become outdated.


We just completed a session in Ecuador. And I wish you could have been there to meet Humberto.

Humberto models leadership in many ways, including his immunity to the “business as usual scourge. He’s been working in his industry for 43 years (that’s not a typo). And yet you won’t catch this man yawning, not listening, being defensive, or putting his nose in the air. Instead, Humberto sits on the edge of his seat; he asks questions; he laughs; he engages with passion – and he delivers great results.

You won’t get re-runs with Humberto because he models his ever-growing personal edge.

Become immune to the “business as usual” contagion by asking yourself: In what ways will I be a student today? Where will I set down assumptions and collect new data? What will my growing edge look like to others?

Where will you lead – where will you stomp elephants – today?



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