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What’s your plan to win?


Everyone thinks they’re a realist. (It’s the other guy, the optimist, the pessimist, the nutcase, who’s not a realist.) Most people will claim they know the path to victory.


So what’s real? What is it your team needs to do to succeed?


There are a lot of ways to win. Smart leaders know that in order to win you have to identify your way. Is the team aligned on that method and sticking to the plan?


Of course, you can tell others how you will win. And then mark your calendar, because you’ll have to tell them again (and again). Conduct an experiment: At a meeting this week, ask others to write their answer to these questions – and then celebrate what you discover:


1)      In one sentence, what’s our top goal in 2013?

2)      What’s our plan to succeed?

3)      How will we measure success?


It’s not the mind of the leader that determines success. Victory and its spoils…go to the aligned team.




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