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If you take action, people will believe they understand – and they will judge you. Biases and personal agendas mean they may even criticize you with seeming venom.


“You’re wrong,” they’ll shout. “You’re making a mistake and you’ll pay!”


But they don’t know what you know, do they?


In this moment, there’s a lot at stake. How inspired and creative and innovative we’ll be, and the stress levels we’ll experience, all depend on this:


Do you still respect them?


When being judged by others, some return the vitriolic volley; they dismiss the accuser as a lunatic or clearly not as wise as they. Such an approach means we must operate in increasingly smaller circles. (The ‘if-you’re-not-with-me-you’re-against-me’ approach means we’ll eventually run out of people who are willing to be with us.)


It’s the other sort of leader, however, that influences future results most effectively: They acknowledge the difference of opinion, forgive the attacker of their communication style and judgments, and stay focused on a virtuous outcome.


We do not incur an emotional tax or ruined results when we discover conflict with another; the toll comes from thinking we have to win and prove our attackers are the villain or anything less than we.


The course of staying true to a vision, of stepping up, speaking out, and leading will cause us to be targets of judgment and criticism. Yet, usually there are few villains. Mostly, there are passionate people with diverse ways of living and leading.


The moment we realize we all want the same thing we usually get it faster.


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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