The year is almost over. Somehow, what needed to be said – hasn’t been uttered. Somehow, what needed to be spoken – remained silent.


The clock is ticking.


What’s worse: Suffering at your desk (and ruining countless family dinners)? Or summoning the courage to…lead?


We’re not suggesting you commit career suicide. This is a plea to help your team move forward by standing up and saying what needs to be said.


But before you do…consider: The key to effectiveness lies in how you say what needs to be said.


1. Instead of sounding like a whiner with, “When it comes to execution, we’re the worst team ever!” try “What are the actions we’re going to take right now to ensure greater organizational discipline?” (Your passion is encouraged.)


2. Rather than sounding like the next dictator (that has to be over-thrown) by saying, “Come on! Some heads have to roll around here!” go with, “What steps are we going to take right now to ensure people are measurably more accountable?”


3. In place of coming off as a cry-baby with, “There’s no trust on this team!” ask “What are the actions we’re going to take so we have the trust we need to move forward faster?”


Who do you want to be: The one who dreads January 2 because you’ll have to resume a career of “sssshhhhhhh”? Or, the one who’s eager for the New Year, because your team has the traction it needs to make 2012 the best year ever?


The momentum of the New Year starts now.



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