How do you get teammates in Singapore aligned with those in Dubai…so they can better communicate with someone in Ohio…so there’s trust wherever you go in your organization?


A vice president for a multi-billion dollar global business is moving on to the next opportunity. Reflecting on her 25+ years, I ask, “What would you attribute your amazing success to?”


Her answer is a model: “I’ve always felt I manage one global organization, rather than different businesses that come together globally. We are not separate organizations.”


Managing “parts” creates the illusion of control. And while the autonomy to respond to local markets is necessary at the micro level, if the parts don’t fit together, control gives way to destructive competition and roadblocks.


“I call it The Long Hallway,” she said. “Just like some leaders have their entire team on one floor, I want our team to see themselves as connected – by one long hallway.” She laughs. “Sometimes you have to fly down that hallway to communicate, but knowing we’re connected, knowing we’re one team approaching our common objectives has made a huge difference.”


She finishes, “I’m a capability builder.”


1. Does your organization benefit from one, shared “hallway?”

2. What capabilities – including mindsets and behaviors – are necessary to develop so your team shares the same line of vision?

3. What’s your plan to build those capabilities today? (Hint: Think focus, great questions and feedback.)


Here’s to successful hallway building.


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