When 2023 began, perhaps:

  • You believed the team could succeed so you told them so. (But objectives weren’t met, so some are questioning your credibility.)
  • You were told to “think boldly and act courageously.” So, you did. (And now those same people are asking you to explain the gap between your results and your goals.)
  • You were informed that the resources needed to execute your plan would be provided. (Those assets, however, never materialized.)
  • You started the year focused on priorities—but were soon informed that there were other objectives more important. (Now, some are criticizing managers for not being agile enough.)
  • You were given objectives that—unbeknownst to you—conflicted with the targets of the cross-functional colleagues (and upon whom you relied on to achieve your goals).

Would succeeding in ’23 have been nearly impossible for anyone? Or do you lack the required skills?

Who knows. The better question is this: What are you going to do about 2023 now?

You may not get a bonus this year. The year, however, can still be valuable by sincerely answering these three questions:

  • Is the past going to be the way it was whether I like it or not? (Once you accept 2023 you are liberated to live fully in 2024.)
  • What are three things I learned in 2023 that will empower me to make a greater impact and be more fulfilled? (The qualifiers in this question are key.)
  • How will I be disciplined in applying what I’ve learned in 2024?

Cash bonuses are nice. Becoming a better human and leader is better. Get your bonus.



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