Your team is on the precipice of a great unknown: Generative AI will bring a tsunami of change. Experts are struggling to predict what the transformation will look like and what it will mean for all of us.

Two things that everyone seems to agree on, however is:

  • The changes will be significant,
  • Organizations who choose not to lean into the change will be left behind.

Is your organization ready for greater disruption? Use this 7-point checklist to clarify and support your assessment.

  1. Is our team aligned well enough to power us through severe disruption?
  2. Do we have a reliable method for assessing our strength of alignment as we enter the unknown?
  3. Are employees at all levels of the organization operating with clarity of organizational strategies and evolving priorities?
  4. Do cross-functional colleagues effectively create a shared reality as new information or knowledge is generated?
  5. Are employees at the edge of the enterprise empowered to make quality and timely decisions?
  6. Do we have a systemic mechanism to strengthen organizational confidence as we execute strategies and priorities?
  7. Does our method of moving through transformational change create a healthier and more fulfilling employee experience?

The changes coming with Generative AI can seem daunting, even scary. It doesn’t need to be that way. The humanly connected organization will have the advantage.



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