A meeting of leaders is not the same thing as a leadership meeting.

Here are tell-tale signs you may be in a meeting where leadership is not happening:

  • Decisions are routinely delayed.
  • Action items, disguised as decisions, create the illusion of productivity. (“We agree that we’ll gather more data.” Or “We’ll meet next month to continue the discussion.”)
  • Participants make decisions through two lenses: How can I appear to be creating value for the customer while also gaining more control, influence or stature?
  • Less than one-half of the group is participating.
  • Those who are speaking are withholding essential information that may jeopardize their standing on the team.
  • There is a focus on lagging indicators instead of leading causes. (“Let’s review the numbers…” instead of “What can we do differently to create different numbers?”)

When you’re in a meeting where the above dynamics are occurring, it may be tempting to blame others. That is a good time to remember you’re also in the meeting.

In addition to the opposite of the dynamics listed above, here are signs you’re in a leadership meeting:

  • Clarity of vision and strategy are enhanced.
  • Consistent efforts are made to ensure deep alignment to imperatives or priorities.
  • Participants become energized around a shared reality.
  • Steps are made to empower decision making at the edge of the enterprise.
  • The customer is centric to discussions.
  • Diversity and inclusion, including members of Gen Z, are constant.

Just because people with leadership titles gather for a discussion doesn’t mean a leadership meeting is occurring.

What type of meetings do you attend?



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