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In the United States, college basketball championships are in full swing. It’s called “March Madness,” because people go crazy for one basketball game after another this month. If you’ve had some peers start speaking a strange language, maybe they’ve gone mad themselves. If you don’t have a basketball aficionado nearby, use the following guide to decode what they’re really trying to say.

“Nothing but net.” This is an indication that your teammate has just completed their project with excellence.

“Three seconds in the lane.” A call made by your boss indicating that you’re taking way too much time completing your work. (In other words, you’re a slacker.)

“Gimme the Rock.” This means, “Boss, give me more responsibility. Let me take the lead on this project.” Very few teams have players with this sort of courage.

“Go to the rack.” This is what an aggressive team will do when they have to improve production. It’s an especially helpful strategy when the game is close.

“Turn-over.” Simply put, this means you’re teammate has lost control.

“Block out.” It’s what you do when your teammate is taking a risk; it means you’ve got their back and you’re willing to pick up anything they miss.

“Giving up the baseline.” A fundamental no-no, this means that you’ve allowed the competition to be the first to market.

“Charging.” This offensive foul means your teammate is being blatantly flagrant in their demands that things go their way.

“Double dribble.” A rare violation; one that indicates you’ve got a teammate who may be lacking the necessary awareness to play at your level.

“Triple Double” A true sign you’re an ‘A’ player. This means you can score points for your team and make sure your teammates look good as well. (Plus, you’re there to clean up their mess when they miss.)

Did we miss any definitions? Let us know by adding a comment below. And here’s to winning the game you’re so passionate about.



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