They can’t have it both ways.


“Around here people attempt to put themselves in the best position to be told what to do. Nothing more. Nothing outside task-delegation is desired. Because if something goes wrong, then leadership comes down hard.


“So each day you come in and follow the process. Then, when something does go wrong – and something always does – management wonders, ‘Why didn’t someone step up, speak out and do something?’


They can’t have a sustained, fear-based culture and a team where members take initiative. The two don’t mix. But where does that leave leaders like you who want to step up, speak out and lead?


Perhaps the first step, regardless of our role on the team, is seizing an upcoming opportunity to ask, “What has to happen within our culture for us to take even greater initiative?”


The answers to that question may not solve this. But it can begin a conversation that takes the organization somewhere important.


For the inspired, staying quiet for long loses its appeal. What question are you ready to ask?


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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